What We Do

We help leaders shift from agreement to action.

Global Libertas Fellows

The Libertas Council is also launching a leadership community of seven leaders to serve as Global Libertas Fellows. During this two-year fellowship, the leaders will grow in their understanding of the issues and identify a specific problem to solve or a new initiative to launch. Working with the Council’s experienced team, the Global Libertas Fellows will build a strategic, solutions-oriented plan to generate measurable results in the fight against human trafficking.

Clapham Fellows

This fellowship is a curated group of law and policy graduate students who work and support the Global Libertas Fellows and other projects at the Libertas Council.

Senior Fellows

This fellowship is comprised of scholars, practitioners, leaders, and thinkers who will provide content and thought leadership on combating human trafficking, advancing democracy, and affirming human dignity.

Ambassadors’ Briefings

The Ambassadors’ Briefings gather current and former ambassadors for briefings and discussions on trending issues, new opportunities, and the practice of diplomacy.

Somerset Series

Through its Somerset Series, the Libertas Council hosts lectures focusing on topics that address human trafficking, democracy, and human dignity. After each lecture, the Libertas Council hosts a Jefferson dinner allowing community leaders to participate in a more in-depth conversation around one table.

Ideas Culture Policy

Transformational Champions

Through its fellowships, convenings, and other projects, the Libertas Council is positioned to support transformational champions for freedom and human dignity. Together, we can create the changes leaders need to stop traffickers, care for survivors, and prevent this affront to human dignity.

Libertas Solution

Recent Events

  • Ambassadors’ Briefing on Xinjiang and the Uyghur Genocide, Washington, DC (April 2024)
  • Where Sudan Stands Now: A Discussion on the United States’ recent Atrocity Declaration, the Civil War, and Sudan’s Future, Webinar (February 2024)
  • Ambassadors’ Briefing on International Religious Freedom, Washington, DC (January 2024)
  • Commonwealth Freedom Conversation, Richmond, Virginia (January 2024)
  • Global Leader Summit, Westminster Hall, London, United Kingdom (August 2023)
  • Ambassadors’ Briefing, International Religious Freedom Summit, Washington, DC (February 2023)